established in 1890

The burns family 2017

The burns family 2017

This is a unique, 100 year old, fenced 6-acre ocean view property on the California coast in Fort Bragg, Mendocino County, California and was originally a 100-acre dairy farm which encompassed MacKerricher State Park. We, the Burns & Kelly family, have owned the Nye Ranch for 15 years and do our best to retain the original feel of the ranch.  Although it was the Quality Dairy for many years, the redwood house was built by the Nye & Johnson family in approx 1905 and that is where THE NYE RANCH name came from.  The barn dates back to 1890. It was the Gillespie Quality Dairy in the 40s and the Gillespie family has been kind enough to share some of their remarkable history with us. Their father built the original shack at McKerricher State Park where one of the Gillespie boys was born when McKerricher was part of the ranch. 

We acquired the ranch from Jay Jean Gray in early 2000 and have cherished it since.  We would love for you to join our Nye Ranch family of visitors that return yearly for their Nye Ranch getaway.

We look forward to your stay at our special piece of paradise,

Patrick & Karin, Camerin & Kelly, Kelly & Summer & Rowan & Everly, Kyle & Melanie, Shea - the Burns & Kelly family & their assorted animal menagerie.  -  530 519-5050